Maintenance Home Inspections

A-Pro Home Inspection Morristown understands the significant investment you’ve made in your home. Our Maintenance Home Inspection is designed to protect your investment and prevent costly repairs down the road. You receive… A thorough examination of the home’s systems that goes beyond a one-day visual inspection A full report that identifies potential system problems, allowing […]

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New Home Warranty Expiration Inspection

New Home Warranty Expiration Inspection Are you reaching the end of your builder’s one-year home warranty? Then it’s time to call A-Pro Morristown Home Inspection before it’s too late. An A-Pro New Home Warranty Inspection inHamblen, Grainger, Jefferson, Greene and Cocke County counties can identify problems with the home before your builder’s warranty expires. Your […]

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Lead Paint Inspection

Lead Paint Inspection The use of Lead Paint in homes was eliminated in 1978.  If your home was built prior to 1978 getting an Inspection specifically to detect lead paint could be advisable but is absolutely critical before you do any type of home improvement projects that require even mild demolition.  Many of our A-Pro […]

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Residential Structural inspection

Residential structural inspection by A-Pro Morristown Home Inspection   A-Pro Morristown Home Inspection provides a structural inspections to its clients as part of our 500-point home inspection with a written opinion of the performance of the Structural Systems. “The term structural system in structural engineering refers to load-resisting sub-system of a structure. The structural system […]

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Roof Structure Inspection

The Roof Structure Inspection is a key component to the Structural Systems Analysis and must also be engineered to properly distribute the live and dead loads to the foundation. Your A-Pro Home Inspector will inspect the roofing structure components from both the exterior and interior to evaluate the condition. During the roof structure inspection the […]

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