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Structural Home Inspection Checklist

This is a comprehensive structural Home Inspection Checklist. Compliments of A-Pro Home Inspections Morristown. Call today and schedule an inspection. Structural Home Inspection Checklist

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Grading and Drainage

Your A-Pro Home Inspector will also inspect the exterior of your property for conditions that are detrimental to the performance life of the foundation, including:             Ground Coverage Slope Grade and Run-off Pattern Soil Heights Landscape – Trees and Shrubs Gutter Placement and Flow

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PRESS RELEASE |Certified Home Inspectors Morristown Tennessee

    Press Release For Immediate Release Date: 02/28/2017 Contact: Jeff Miller Phone: 423 273-5950 Jeff Miller of A-Pro Morristown Home Inspections PASSED THE NATIONAL HOME INSPECTOR EXAMINATION. Jeff Miller of A-Pro Home Inspections also serves as one of the few certified home inspectors in Morristown has taken and passed the nationally-recognized National Home Inspection Examination. The NHIE is […]

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Attic Inspection

  Why an attic inspection can disclose significant problems?   Although the attic inspection may not be on the buyer’s mind, there are many reasons why it’s one of the most important areas of concern for home inspectors. An attic inspection should not be overlooked. An attic inspection reflects the history of a home. It […]

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Hamblen, Grainger, Jefferson, Greene and Cocke County Home Inspectors

        Why Choose A-Pro® Five Rivers Home Inspectors?  A-Pro’s (PHI®) Professional Home Inspectors will provide you with a 500-point inspection that is backed by an Ironclad 120-day Guarantee. A-Pro’s Morristown, Greeneville, Jefferson City and Dandridge Home Inspectors provide the industry’s most comprehensive home inspection that combines more than two decades of the highest technical […]

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