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Home Inspection DandridgeNeed a good reason to recommend a Dandridge home inspector? A-Pro has $thousands$ of them. Read on to find out how A-PRO Home Inspection Services can save you time, money, and most valuable-reputation.

Dandridge Home InspectorNot long ago, a real estate agent was found liable for $197,000 in damages when a driveway of a house he sold collapsed. It was discovered the house had been built on a landfill. The real estate agent had not recommended a professional home inspection — a step that could have eliminated hardship for all parties.
Worse yet, the result for the real estate agent was something far more irreparable than damaged concrete:

Home Inspection Dandridge“…a damaged reputation”.


Dandridge Home InspectorThe above is by no means an isolated incident. Many real estate agents take a similar unnecessary risk every day by sometimes skipping what has become an essential — and often required — part of the home-buying, home-selling process.

Dandridge Home InspectorProtect your reputation – insist on a 500-point home inspection performed by a CHI/PHI certified/professional Dandridge home inspector.

Dandridge Home InspectorsThat’s why I’m writing to you today. As a “CHI” certified and “PHI” Professional Dandridge home inspector with A-Pro Home Inspection Services, I understand that the threat of lawsuit is only one of many reasons to recommend a thorough home inspection. Home inspections can actually help you increase your business, if done properly.
Some of this may be old news to you. If it is, we applaud your efforts to make home inspections a regular part of your customer service. But please read on to find out how you can help your business even more by choosing A-PRO home inspections services…and save money with this introductory newsletter.

Home Inspection DandridgeWe’re here to help you!


Dandridge Home InspectorsA-PRO knows that some real estate agents may perceive the home inspection as a “deal killer.” Perhaps you have had a bad experience with a Dandridge home inspector who may not have been prompt, professional, accurate, and, above all, fair in his reporting. Maybe the inspector was not available at a time convenient for you and your client, delaying a time-sensitive deal.
This is unfortunate. But as we say at A-PRO, not all Dandridge home inspectors are the same. Your Dandridge home inspector should deliver a report within 24 hours. The report should be easy to read and understand, and accurately report on ALL aspects of the home. It takes a skilled Dandridge home inspector to put a home’s attributes and problem areas in proper perspective. This balance should be reflected in the report.

Home Inspection DandridgeEverybody Wins!


Dandridge Home InspectorsA fair, balanced and accurate report ultimately results in greater satisfaction for your clients. The seller feels better because he knows all potential problems have been disclosed and positive aspects of the house have been duly noted. The buyer can make their decision to go to closing with greater confidence. And the real estate agent knows he or she has done everything in their power to make the property transaction a success.
As you know, a satisfied client will use you again and again over the course of your career. Recommending a home inspection is one way to lay the foundation for a lasting relationship…and generate repeat business for years to come.

Home Inspection Dandridge“If We Don’t Report It, We Repair It”™

Our Guarantee

Dandridge Home InspectorsA-PRO provides unique guarantees such as our “If We Don’t Report It, We Repair It” Policy. Pre-existing problems not reported by A-PRO will be repaired at our expense*.
Why have such a policy? To earn your trust. While errors don’t occur often, this repair policy is further evidence of our commitment to our customers…and it shows your commitment to your client’s satisfaction.
As a certified member of (ISHI) International Society of Dandridge home inspectors all A-Pro inspectors must carry professional liability insurance coverage and name real estate agents, brokers and of course our clients as additional insured to the policy. You, your broker and your client therefore benefit from FREE Errors & Omissions coverage on our policy which simply means we have you covered.
We also provide a Free foundation level survey which you can give to your client (a $150 value)

Home Inspection Dandridge%agentfirstname%, go to closing with confidence!


Dandridge Home InspectorsMentioned above, the “If We Don’t Report It, We Repair It” is absolutely FREE, with every home inspection. Yes, your buyers receive a free 120-day structural, mechanical, appliance and roof coverage. A-PRO guarantees come with no pre-existing condition clauses on all covered expenses and buyers can choose their own repair persons.
For listings, Sellers receive a 120-DAY -mechanical, structural and roof guaranty FREE with every inspection. Imagine being able to tell prospective buyers viewing the home that the property has undergone a complete, 500-point inspection from a state-certified inspector. We call it our “CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED HOME” program…and it works! Houses that have undergone a pre-inspection close 50% faster than those that have not.

Home Inspection DandridgeJust our way of saying “Thank You”


Dandridge Home InspectorsLet me thank you for your time in reading this page. I hope you will consider recommending A-PRO to your clients. As an added incentive, we will give your next client a free Radon Test – $175.00 value when they mention this letter. You can also schedule an A-PRO CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED HOMEINSPECTION and save $25 (offer good for 60 days from the date of this memo).

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