Plumbing System Home Inspection

A properly functioning plumbing system will provide clean, potable water to the home while effectively and safely removing waste, both critical to the safety and functionality of a home. Our plumbing system analysis provides our clients with a written opinion of plumbing system performance at the time of inspection, including:

  • Plumbing Supply
  • Distribution System
  • Fixtures
  • Drains, Waste and Vents
  • Water Heating Equipment

Plumbing Supply

Your A-Pro inspector examines and reports on the visual findings relating to the plumbing supply, including:

  • Main Water Cutoff Location
  • Main Gas Cutoff Location
  • Type of Incoming Piping
  • Source of Water and Gas
  • Sufficient Incoming Flow

Distribution Systems

During the visual inspection of the plumbing distribution system, your A-Pro inspector examines and reports on visual cross-contamination connections. Your inspector also checks to see if the type of piping system is protected against damage and has proper support.

Much of the gas delivery system is typically concealed from inspection underground, inside walls, under attic insulation, etc. This inspection is restricted to only components that are readily visible and accessible at the time of the inspection.


Your A-Pro inspector examines, tests and reports on plumbing fixtures composed of end-use devices such as:

  • Commodes
  • Sinks
  • Tubs
  • Showers

Drains, Wastes and Vents

Your A-Pro inspector inspects and reports on:

  • Drain Operation
  • Drain Time
  • Vent Operation and Termination
  • Type of Sewage Disposal
  • Proper Trap installation

Water Heating Systems

Your A-Pro inspector inspects and reports on the water heater, as well as shares ways to increase its lifespan and improve its efficiency. The report includes the water heater energy source and approximate age of the unit. Your inspector also checks the safety of the unit’s setup and ventilation.

ABS and PVC Waste Pipe 50 to 80
Accessible/ADA Handles 100+
Acrylic Kitchen Sink 50
Cast-Iron Bathtub 100
Cast-Iron Waste Pipe (above ground) 60
Cast-Iron Waste Pipe (below ground) 50 to 60
Concrete Waste Pipe 100+
Copper Water Lines 70
Enameled Steel Kitchen Sink 5 to 10+
Faucets and Spray Hose 15 to 20
Fiberglass Bathtub and Shower 20
Gas Lines (black steel) 75
Gas Lines (flex) 30
Hose Bibs 20 to 30
Instant (on-demand) Water Heater 10
PEX 40
Plastic Water Lines 75
Saunas/Steam Room 15 to 20
Sewer Grinder Pump 10
Shower Enclosure/Module 50
Shower Doors 20
Showerheads 100+ (if not clogged by mineral/other deposits)
Soapstone Kitchen Sink 100+
Sump Pump 7
Toilet Tank Components 5
Toilets, Bidets and Urinals 100+
Vent Fan (ceiling) 5 to 10
Vessel Sink (stone, glass, porcelain, copper) 5 to 20+
Water Heater (conventional) 6 to 12
Water Line (copper) 50
Water Line (plastic) 50
Well Pump 15
Water Softener 20
Whirlpool Tub 20 to 50


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